Youth Club

Centre 63 Weekly Sessions

  • MondaysActing Sound

    Range of high-quality workshops/taster session on to develop their creative talents of CYP to experiment and play a range of instruments in a nurturing environment for the first time in their lives.

    Workshops to develop CYP's creative interest in: Music Technology, song/lyric composition and an introduction to graphic design and filming editing.

    Delivery of drama, theatre in democracy and issue-based sessions, also complimentary art workshops that aim to increase self ­confidence and community resilience.
  • WednesdayK.A.B's Club

    Kab’s creates an ethos of self-belief and aspiration with a “can do” attitude. They promote healthy active lifestyles, change young people’s mindset, and improve social skills, the ability to work in a team whilst developing the gifts and talents of all in a family environment

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  • Mon, Wed, ThurRemake Yourself Hub

    The Remake Yourself Project develops a holistic hub model that could divert waste from landfill while supporting the skill development of young people and building their aspirations. In addition offer sustainability to Centre 63 through the sale of some of our upcycled furniture. Most of the furniture however goes to those young people securing KHT tenancies or private tenancies and who are in receipt of benefits.

    Every Thursday evening we deliver our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle sessions in educating our young people and their families on the benefits of reducing waste.

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