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YES Project

Offering information & advice the most vulnerable young people within the community (aged 16-30) on issues such as debt management, housing & homelessness

Struggling with housing or benefits or being in debt can put a massive strain on anyone especially if you have a family to care for, this can lead to problems and even end up resulting in homelessness. The YES Project can help, get in touch today and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

The Project also supports 16-25 who are N.E.E.T (Not in Employment, Education or Training). Young people accessing the project receive tailored support and deliver Employability courses (Pebble in the Pond) to support self – awareness, the development of employability skills including literacy development through story writing and journals.

Our services

  • Resettlement & Tenancy Support – Getting you started in your new home, support to deal with benefits, budgeting, utility bills, furnishings.
  • Support to access Property Pool – Know how to apply for properties in your area.
  • Benefit related enquiries -Re Universal Credit Claims
  • Debt Management – Dealing with priority and non-priority debts-deal with creditors


  • Support to look at your options.
  • Supported living, Hostels, Emergency accommodation
  • Referrals to Housing options

Take the step and contact the YES Project at Centre 63. We tailor the support to meet your needs!

Get help now

If you need to speak to one of our team about how we can help you with debt management, housing or homelessness please fill in the details below giving a brief description of your problems and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Get a call back

If you are struggling with debt management, housing, or homelessness we can help. We have friendly, understanding, and experienced staff on hand to give you a call to discuss your problems and how the YES project can help you overcome them.

NOTE: None of your details or the details of your phone call will be shared of discussed with anyone other than team members of the YES Project who are assigned to help. Your details are safe and not shared with any third-party companies everything is completely confidential