Remake Yourself Hub

Our ‘Remake Yourself Project’ supports women through a unique and holistic project that combines work readiness, confidence, machinist, upholstery and manufacturing workshops in tandem with personal and business development skills to increase their aspirations. We specifically work with people who have been economically inactive for 12 months or more.

The ‘Remake’ arm of the project delivers 8 hours of upholstery and sewing skills that young people and adults can put into practice the skills they have learnt during engagement with the project. This involves sewing, upcycling workshops, machinist techniques and refurbishing unwanted furniture diverted from landfill.

The ‘Personal Development’ programme combines a real working environment and includes practical/tailored support in preparing for and sustaining employment.

The ‘Yourself’ arm of the project provides 4 hours per week of employability skills including Personal Development Training and cover topics such as: confidence building, self-esteem, teamwork Job search, basic administration, digital inclusion, and enterprise including marketing and business start-up skill.