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Billy Waldron

Centre 63 has been serving the community for almost 56 years working with children and young people to help them to feel safe, grow and develop and achieve their full potential. Our longest standing colleague and member Billy Waldron passed away at a young age of 61. He was a dedicated Youth worker for over 34 years. To say that Billy is a legend is an understatement.

We are very keen to keep his memory alive as he impacted positively on thousands and thousands of young people and has as many testimonials. He was loved by everyone.
To ensure that his memory and his work is never lost we are going to set up a Scholarship fund in his name.

This scholarship will help to train two youth workers a year to begin with from Kirkby and offer them employment paying them a national living wage and offering them a level 3 qualification in Youth work which will give them access to higher Education.

Your donation will contribute to this important and valuable work and Billy’s name will live on through young people’s achievements.

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Billy Waldron

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There is an Extra Bright Star in Billy's name (1511880 - Grus)

Billy Waldron - 21st September 2019

The star's astronomically verified position is:

Right ascension 22h 56m 12.14s
Declination - 36º 40' 49.65"
Magnitude 9.0400000

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