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Make it better for Boys

Centre 63 has undertaken and will complete an action research project: “Making it better for boys”. We will go deep into the Kirkby and Knowsley community to ascertain how they can improve, modify and adapt services to engage hard to reach young men, to listen to their stories, and to support them to recognise/achieve their full potential and increase their social mobility.

We envisaged that this research will take two years to complete as the first year as been predominantly focused on building relationships and designing research methods with our targeted beneficiary groups. A questionnaire has been devised and this process enabled many discussions on the key requirements for effective communication, what active listening meant to each individual and how we could best carry out the interviews to ensure that young people were at the centre of all communication and that we did not lead or pre-empt any questions/answers or perspectives of the boys engaging with the interviews. Our valued partners to name a few Liverpool Hope University Blagrave Trust.

We have had several meetings to date to closely monitor progress and to ensure our plan was on course.

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