Making it better for Boys

Centre 63 has undertaken and will complete an action research project: “Making it better for boys”. We are delivering the project via our open access provision and community to ascertain how we can improve, modify and adapt services to engage hard to reach young men, to listen to their stories, and to support them to recognise/achieve their full potential and increase their social mobility. We envisaged that this research will take two years to complete as the first year as been predominantly focused on building relationships and designing research methods with our targeted beneficiary groups.









Set up in 1963 within the heart of the Kirkby community.

Employability Project

The Employability Project supports young people 16-25 who are N.E.E.T (Not in Employment, Education or Training). Young people accessing the project receive tailored support.

YES Project

The Y.E.S. Project has been established since 1992, offering information and advice to often the most vulnerable young people within the community (aged 16-25).

Remake Yourself Hub

The Remake Yourself Project aimed to develop a holistic hub model that diverts waste from landfill while supporting the skill development of young people, building their aspirations.

Youth Club/Multi Media

Aimed at young people aged 8-19, our youth club has been in operation since 1963 and offers recreation, sport, one to one music sessions, arts-based classes and drama projects, additionally offering issue-based workshops and accredited learning programmes.

Check out the Centre 63 official video

We are totally blown away by it...

The children and young people that attend our youth club worked hard to create a video that portrays what they think about Centre 63.

Please like & share far and wide! We are absolutely bursting with pride at the beautiful video our children and young people made for a project called 'Building Stories'. This video was put together with funding received from Comic Relief #Iwillsocialaction. We are totally blown away by the talent - what do you think?

Coming up with a story board

Rehearsing the story

Directing and filming

Video editing out output for web

Without the Volunteers Project I would not be where I am today.

We are still helping the community despite COVID-19 CLICK HERE