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Chief Executive Officer

Centre 63 has evolved and changed to reflect the times and the changing needs of children and young people. This flexibility is one of the Centre’s many strengths and one of the reasons it is still here serving the community.

Back in the early 60’s the world was a different place and the opportunities available to young people were completely different; technology was in its infancy and nobody could have imagined the effects this would have on the lives of us all, everything from shopping to finding a job are now regular online activities and children and young people are born into a world of instant communication, careers advice and training opportunities. We also know how critically important recreational activity is to development. Children and young people need opportunities that allow them to meet new friends, play, socialise and enjoy themselves. The centre’s core activity, for what it is most commonly known, hasn’t changed since the early 60’s – that is our Youth Club. This gives children and young people the time and space to enjoy themselves and try new activities that they may never have considered previously.

Another massive strength of the Centre is our Christian ethos which is everywhere, from the care and compassion shown by the staff since 1963 though to how we deal with every aspect and dimension of a young person’s development. When you read the individual project reports you will see how each and every department supports children and young people to be the best they possibly can be and achieve their full potential. This thinking infuses everything we do. In 2012 Centre 63 delivered an NCS programme in conjunction with Catch 22, involving thirty young people from a broad social mix and engaging them in a personal development project consisting of an outdoor activity residential and social action placements around community impact involving fundraising.
In 2013 was fortunate enough this summer to be able to secure 3 bursaries (provided by one of our main funders The Rank Charities) to take young people on the Youth Trust Challenger Yacht. It was a life-changing experience for these young people and I was able to support them, along with a fantastic crew and other youth workers from all over the country. I was immensely proud that the two young people from Centre 63 won the awards of Most Improved Sailor and runner up. We are proud to have continued our partnerships with a range of organisations and funders who recognise the value of the Centre and its projects. To name but a few: The Rank charities, Henry Smith and BBC Children in Need. There are many more and we value their support and investment in ourselves and young people. Funding is relentlessly difficult and the centre needs the financial discipline and structures to ensure the maximum value.

We are continually striving to explore new funding streams and opportunities, and as ever innovation is central and fundamental; an example being the inception of a third Sector Consortium in Knowsley and we will work hard to ensure its success as it competes to promote our interests within and beyond the boundaries of the borough. I am personally looking forward to new opportunities being made available to local children and young people, through; Arts awards, OCR Cambridge awards in English and Math’s which will sit alongside functional skills and our new initiative with DWP which will help with community cohesion.

We have been awarded two contracts to date from Vola with an opportunity to deliver a third over the coming year. New Futures is an eighteen week programme aimed at young people who are N.E.E.T., through individualised learning. The employability contract is in conjunction with KMBC apprenticeships initiative. Because of the overwhelming success of our first contract, we have been able to secure a second and, very likely, a third. So a massive thank you to Centre 63’s partners, dedicated Board of Trustees and staff team, both paid and unpaid, who have continued to demonstrate their commitment to young people and our organisation.

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Jeane Lowe

Chief Executive Officer

I am immensely proud to be part of such a wonderful institution.
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