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CENTRE 63'S CYCLE HUB - 24th July 2015

Thanks to our wide and diverse range of projects here at Centre 63, we were approached by Sustrans to deliver various activities and to become a Cycle Hub.

Sustrans works with communities and organisations to encourage healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys, and therefore a safer area to live in.

Sustrans is set up with the support of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, and they aim their projects at adults 14+, in particular those who are N.E.E.T. (Not in Employment, Education or Training).

Centre 63 secured funding from Sustrans in 2014 to set up a bike shelter through Knowsley Chamber of Commerce, and later progressed to become a Cycle Hub.

As a Cycle Hub, Centre 63 provides volunteer-led activities, training for staff and volunteers, bike refurbishment, bike buddies, travel advice and family cycling trips.

Our Cycle Hub was a much needed resource in the community, due to the high levels of obesity and heart disease.

FARE SHARE AT CENTRE 63 - 24th July 2015

There are 5.8 million people in the UK living in deep poverty, with no money for food or daily essentials.

There is 3.9 million tonnes of food wasted each year by the food and drink industry.

Fare Share secures this surplus food and supplies it to more than 1,200 charities and community projects nationally, providing food for over 62,200 people every day.

Most of the food is cooked on site by the charities, providing nutritious meals to vulnerable individuals, families and children.

Charities involved with Fare Share save up to £13,000 a year; money which is reinvested into vital support services.

Centre 63 became involved with the Fare Share Community partnership in 2014.

Fare Share is a tried and tested solution, with over 20 years of experience in the food industry. The food that they rescue is in date, good to eat and available due to over-production, labelling errors or short shelf-life.

Fare Share have over 20 regional centres and have redistributed food to over 1,700 charities and community projects.

Some of Fare Share's projects include breakfast clubs, lunch clubs for older people, night shelters, after-school clubs, hostels and drop-in centres.

Each regional centre has a manager closely linked to the charities involved, and inspects them annually for hygiene and food safety. There is a huge volunteer workforce involved who manage and sort the food.

Centre 63's chief executive, Jeane Lowe, ensures fair distribution of Fare Share packs to the people of Knowsley, and provides the vulnerable young families of this community with £20 worth of food for £5.

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