Our Members' Stories

Our Members' Stories

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July 2017
Through funding from ESF we have delivered an employability course to prepare young people and young mums for the world of work
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June 2017
The kids that come to our youth club worked hard to create a video that portrays what they think about Centre 63. We are totally blow away by it, what do you think? Click below to watch.  
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March 2017
Starting March 30th the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Liverpool are joining our Youth Club to perform a series of interactive workshops right here at Centre 63! Kids can perform real experiments with real scientists! Completely free! It's free to join our Youth Club and free food is provided for your child. Ages 8-12: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Ages 13-17 6:45pm - 20:30pm  
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Adam's Story

Adam Thomas is a local young man who describes himself as having "difficulty learning". He is also a full time carer for his grandmother. Young people who have these care commitments can often experience restrictions on how they can use their time, which can create barriers to the life opportunities that many of us take for granted. These include socialising and forming/maintaining relationships, pursuing hobbies, educational opportunities and careers. 

Adam has been attending the project for over a year now (when his care commitments allow) and his chosen discipline is guitar.

Since beginning the project Adam's repertoire has grown slowly but surely. He has learned the basic chords and riffs from songs such as the LA’s "There She Goes" to T-Rex’s "20th Century Boy".

Adam continues to attend with his newly-acquired chord books, as well as the Centre's resources, young volunteers and staff to continue to develop his technique and repertoire as an aspiring young guitar player.

Adam finds it hard to speak to people and has few opportunities to mix with people his own age. He believes that this project provides a rare opportunity for him to meet and talk to other young people.

"I sometimes find it hard to talk to people, there are some young people who I don’t like who turn up but most of them I get on with; they’re funny, they try to make me feel welcome" – Adam Thomas

Adam also enjoys a good debate and raises topics from politics and ethics to religion, social norms and war. He is often involved in discussions with staff and other young people in which he enjoys exploring these topics since he doesn’t really get this opportunity elsewhere.